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Nestled among Fynbos and mountain streams at the base of the Hawekwa mountains, Druk-My-Niet has a long history of engaging in a variety of farming activities, from fruit and sheep, to vines. The distinctive terroir provides the wines made at Druk-My-Niet with a sense of place, and currently 11 hectares are planted with vines.

On the south-facing slopes of the farm, patches of shale can be found among the property’s largely ancient, decomposed granite soils. Because the granite soils do not retain water very well, the vines must delve extremely deep into the soil in order to find water in both the sublayers and the bedrock. The roots also extract minerals and salts from the bedrock layers, lending a touch of minerality and salinity to the wines.


The elevation of the vineyard blocks on the farm ranges from 180 to 240 metres above sea level. The majority of the slopes face south or south-southwest, resulting in cooler night-time temperatures. Extremely high winds throughout the growing season reduce the natural vigour, resulting in smaller berries with a greater concentration of colour and aroma. The extremely hot summer months also induce natural stress in the vines, resulting in decreased yields and intensified aroma and flavour. In the warmest months, drip irrigation is only employed as a preventive measure to assist the vines in achieving optimal ripeness.

The range of Mediterranean varieties cultivated on the farm are highly adapted to semi-arid environments and encourage sustainable agricultural practises. Additionally, the application of minimal pruning increases the vineyards’ longevity for decades to come. Every decision made within the vineyards takes into account the integration of the unspoiled flora and fauna around the vineyard blocks and seeks to preserve this for future generations.

Due to the fact that quality is the driving force behind all vineyard operations, precision viticulture is practised and yields are kept low.

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Our Wine Druk-My-Niet Momentum Red Blend

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